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Medinora, which has started carbon and water footprint calculations since its establishment, is working with all its strength to make significant strides towards sustainability by foreseeing the needs of the future and the problems that may be encountered in the future. By integrating the concept of sustainability, which we consider in all its dimensions as a company, with our business processes; We attach importance to activities that respect the green environment of the blue planet and focus on creating added value for all stakeholders. In this context; We attach importance to our employees, business, society, business partners and the environment with the five basic approaches focused on within the scope of the European Green Deal and the additional United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As Medinora, we direct our activities accordingly by adopting the principles of waste reduction, recovery and reuse. Our company attaches importance to contributing to academic studies on detecting the presence of many organic and inorganic pollutants in our natural resources, especially microplastics, and taking precautions, and attaches importance to cooperation activities with national environmental organizations. Our company offers scholarships to graduate students (master's and doctorates degrees) who study for the sustainable ecosystem model.

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